Seeking applicant for CNRS permanent position in Plasma Physics and Laser-Matter interaction.

CNRS researcher

LP3 laboratory is searching for a candidate for applying for CNRS researcher permanent position in the field of physics of laser-matter interaction. In particular the candidate will develop pump and probe experiments in femtosecond regime to study physics of excitation and transformation of materials induced by laser irradiation The research includes the development of advanced time-resolved diagnostics, in particular of X-ray laser plasma secondary sources as probe beam. The experimental work will be mostly conducted on the ASUR laser facility, a unique fully dedicated research platform for innovative research in laser-matter interaction. The ASUR facility operates four synchronized ultrafast laser beam, one having unique characteristics: 250 mJ – 25 fs- 100 Hz. When required, theoretical modelling and support will be sought externally to the lab under collaborative programs with worldwide academic partners. This long-term research project is central and strategic to lab scientific activities and policy and we are seeking a highly educated and motivated person able to work in a strongly interactive and collaborative frame.


Part of ASUR platform

LP3 Laboratory is a joint laboratory between CNRS and Aix-Marseille University with a dedicated task force of ~ 20 permanent staff people working on laser – matter interaction and applications. LP3 is located in Marseille on the wonderful Luminy campus in the vicinity of the “Parc National des Calanques”. For more details on LP3 laboratory:

Candidates must have obtained a PhD degree and at least they have completed one postdoc position in physics, plasma physics, materials science or in a related field. Direct experimental experience with laser plasma physics and ultrafast optics is required, and experience with laser plasma-based x-ray sources is beneficial. Successful candidates will have proven track-record of excellent research performance. The ability to work in a highly international, collaborative environment is highly valued.

The recruitment as CNRS researcher is a competitive admission process based on qualifications and research experience. Candidate selection is based on a written application plus an interview by a national admission selection board. CNRS researchers devote 100% of their working time to research without teaching service requirement at the university. Gross monthly starting salary is from 2,000 euros to 2,600 euros depending experience of the applicant For more details on researcher career at CNRS:

To apply, candidate should send by e-mail ( and

  • motivation letter
  • full CV
  • List of at least 3 references with contact information (no letters necessary, we will contact them if needed).

Further information about LP3 laboratory can be found on our website. Questions regarding the position should be addressed to Dr. Marc Sentis: or tel +33 6 83 67 08 80.

Marc Sentis - Contacter
Laboratoire LP3, Campus de Luminy, 163 avenue de Luminy, 13009 Marseille

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