Laser-induced printing of stem cells for the creation of ordered neuromuscular junctions

We plan to combine cellular biology based on stem cells research and two laser techniques (laser-assisted printing, laser surface texturing) to investigate different 2D/3D bio-patterns for a better understanding of the growing environment impact on cells.
Adrien CASANOVA – Patricia ALLONCLE - Contacter
LP3, Campus de Luminy, Marseille

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Inducing and probing phase transition by laser in Ge:Te:Sb materials

IM2NP and LP3 labs propose to combine their capabilities and efforts for exploring and studying phase transitions in a multi-compound phase change material (Ge:Te:Sb), fabricated by ST Microelectronics. This material is being heavily studied for the fabrication of Phase Change Memories (PCM) that are among the most mature non-volatile emerging memories to allow data storage at high programing speed with enhanced endurance compared to today Flash technology.