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A. Das et al.

Plasmonically enhanced two-photon absorption induced photoacoustic microscopy with laser-synthesized TiN nanoparticles

Applied Physics Letters 121 (2022) 083701

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A. A. Fronya et al.

Germanium Nanoparticles Prepared by Laser Ablation in Low Pressure Helium and Nitrogen Atmosphere for Biophotonic Applications

Materials 15 (2022) 5308

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A. Murali et al.

Separated nano jetting and micro jetting regimes by double-pulse irradiation of a metal film: towards multiscale printing

Optics Express 30 (2022) 34693

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I. B. Belyaev et al.

Study of IR Photoheating of Aqueous Solutions of Boron Nanoparticles Synthesized by Pulsed Laser Ablation for Cancer Therapy

Bulletig of the Lebedev Physics Institute 49 (2022) 185-189

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AA. Popov et al.

Synthesis of Titanium Nitride Nanoparticles by Pulsed Laser Ablation in Different Aqueous and Organic Solutions

Nanomaterials 12 (2022) 1672

O Y. Griaznova et al.

Laser Synthesized Core-Satellite Fe-Au Nanoparticles for Multimodal In Vivo Imaging and In Vitro Photothermal Therapy

Pharmaceutics 14 (2022) 994

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